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Corporate Information

Environmental measures

Kansai Paint Marine provides high performance products that are well adapted to our natural environment. As a start, we have a license to sell our advanced hydrolyzed tin-free antifouling paint "TAKATA QUANTUM" for ships in 18 countries in Europe, America and Asia.

Through the development of low VOC paint, water soluble paint, chemical free antifouling paint and other environmentally friendly products we make it possible to perform distribution, painting etc. without having to worry about the environmental consequences.

Our products are both ecological and economical. With the Kansai Paint Marine technology this combination is possible for the first time.
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Kansai Paint Marine Co.,Ltd.

Hydrolysis antifouling paint
Tin-free hydrolyzed antifouling paint.
Because of its self activating action that provides a smooth surface, fuel usage will be decreased and emission of gases like NOx will be reduced.
Thanks to the long lasting antifouling effect, docking intervals can become longer.
Low VOC modified epoxy paint
Less VOC emission due to high solidification.
Preserving the health of painters by excluding usage of tar.
Improving safety by using light colours.
Water soluble antifouling paint for fishing nets
『New Tairyo No.200W』
With our new technology we have managed to create the antifouling fishnet paint of your dreams.
While painting and while the paint is drying, the VOC emissions are minimized.
Because the the solvent is scentless painting and drying will not bother anyone in the surroundings.
Will not damage the health of painters.
There is no fire hazard so it is possible to store and use the product without any concerns.
Chemical free antifouling paint
『Everclean series』
An environmentally friendly antifouling paint without chemicals.
We use a special type of silicon resin that has a smoothness and to it. This makes it possible to prevent shellfish and other creatures sticking to the ship, and energy is thereby saved.
The product is widely used as a 100 % pollution free antifouling paint on different types of ships, thermal and nuclear power stations.

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