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About marine products

Maintenance of ships that in a severe environment and in an economic way handle global distribution and shipping, is a constant topic of discussion. In recent years, aspects such as speed, economizing, consideration for the environment and the physical appearances of container ships and LNG ships have become especially important.

Kansai Paint Marine is involved in developing a superior type of anti-rust and anti-fouling type of hydrolyzed paint, and with "our silyl polymer type of hydrolyzed paint "TAKATA QUANTUM series", that has been licensed in 18 countries, " we can help improve the fuel efficiency of ships enormously through stabile consumption over a long period of time. Through our achievements with large scale non docking ships during 5 years, we have gained the trust of many clients as one of the world's top brands.

Since the vessels are exposed to seawater and strong ultraviolet rays the steel is damaged by rust and the quality of the paint recedes. Kansai Paint Marine systems, such as shop primer and our denatured epoxy paint show an excellent ability to protect vessels from rust. Moreover, since urethane paint is used as the final coating the beautiful appearance lasts for a long time.


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