Site Policy

1. About the intellectual property right of copyright etc.

The contents of this site (texts, graphs, images, design etc) is protected by the copyright law. Viewers of the site can use the contents within the frames of this law.
Using the contents in ways that go against the copyright law, trademark signs, patent law etc. is not allowed. If a special agreement about usage has been made, or if it is stated in the contents that usage is allowed these statements are to be prioritized.
The trademarks, service marks and trade names may not be copied and used for products, sales etc. without permission.

2. About disclaimer items

  1. Using and viewing of this site is the responsibility of each individual.Kansai Paint Marine and those connected to the company do not take any responsibility for unauthorized access or intrusion (including computer and network intrusion without making a difference between direct intrusion and indirect intrusion) on this site, or the repair costs that may occur in connection.
  2. We try to update and make sure that the information on this site is correct. However, we can not give a guarantee that this is the case. We therefore take no responsibility for mistakes or inadequate information that may be posted on this site. Estimates for the future are specially speculative and may differ from reality.Items in the documents of this site may be changed without notice so please take that in to consideration.

3. Policy for protection of personal information

Information about customers who have filled out the question form on this site or sent an email to us (name, company name, address, telephone number, e-mail address etc) is handled according to the Kansai Paint Marine policy for protection of personal information (see below).

  1. We try not to go against the rights and wishes of our customers when we attain, save or disclose personal information about them. Customer information will usually not be disclosed, and by only visiting this site no personal information is attained.
  2. We try hard not to reveal any information about our customers and we also avoid hurting them by losing information or allowing anyone else to access it. We prioritize this over taking safety measures for this site.
  3. We only use information about our customers to provide relevant information and to improve our products.
  4. We do not share information about our customers with a third party unless the customer has agreed to this. However, in the following situations we may provide information to a third party without the consent of the customer.
    • When we are obligied to do so by law
    • When there is a danger to someone's life, health or property and the customer cannot be reached
    • When we are obligied to do so to cooperate with a national or regional public organization and asking the customer in question for permission will harm or stand in the way of the purpose of this organization.

    However, when it is stated in the contents that there is a policy for protection of personal information that applies to a certain part of the site, this statement is to be prioritized.

  5. Kansai Paint Marine tries both to follow the laws about protection of personal information and to look over our own policies to improve them.

4. About links

  1. The links on this site
    The links on this site are only links that are considered to be essential in the context.
  2. Links to this site
    To link to this site on another website or to inquire about links, please contact us.

    Please also note that we do not accept being linked to from the following type of websites:

    • Sites that go against public order and standards of decency
    • Sites that harm the dignity and trust of Kansai Paint Marine
    • Sites that abuse the company or its employees