Previously, Tar-epoxy coatings were the mainstream used for ballast tanks for economic considerations and its effective anti-corrosion properties. However, because of tightened restrictions applied to the use of this technology, an alternatives of using tar-free coatings has become mandatory for many countries to meet the environmental requirements. EPOMARINE EX21 is developed for usage in Newbuilding application. It is an Epoxy coating, with exceptional application properties while meeting environmental provisions set by local authorities , shipyards and governmental officials.


  • ・ Non-tar and eco-friendly
  • ・ Light color for safety and efficient applicability
  • ・ High-build type
  • ・ Long term anticorrosive
  • ・ Good anti-impact, anti-abration, edge-cover
  • ・ property
  • ・ Time-saving by good drying and curing
  • ・ Low VOC
  • ・ PSPC approved


Grey / Beige

Construction example