Nu FORTE DX is an epoxy paint developed by NKM advanced technology for obtaining long term adhesion property with high pressure water washing on damaged tar-epoxy film.
As eco-friendly coating, Nu FORTE DX contributes to the price improvement of ships, and it realized maintenance cost saving, light color ballast tank and high solid paint.


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Characteristic Item Merit
Applicable on tar-epoxy
by high pressure water washing
Blasting, grit removal and cleaning
is not necessary.

* Save maintenance cost

* Save maintenance work

* Environment improvement


* Non-tar type

* Light color in tanks

* Environment improvement

* Safety for inspector

High solid

* Low VOC

* Low paint consumption

* Environment improvement

* Saving cost


Grey / Red oxide

Adhesion of Nu FORTE DX

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Adhesion of Nu FORTE DX


Mechanism of adhesion

Ballast tank tar-epoxy paint film has been damaged by exposure during new building process, and immersion in seawater for a long period.
Weak layer has been formed on the tar-epoxy surface by exposure
in such corrosive conditions. (refer to SEM photo)

If ordinary epoxy paint is applied on such a damaged tar-epoxy paint film with high pressure washing preparation, adhesion problem or peeling would be occurred after seawater immersion.

SEM of tar-epoxy film surfaceSEM of tar-epoxy film surface

SEM of tar-epoxy film surface

In Nu FORTE case, even it is overcoated on a damaged tar-epoxy film, tar-epoxy weak layer will be dissolved and spread into Nu FORTE film during drying and curing process.
In this case, there is no weak layer in the boundary between old and new films.
Long term stability can be obtained after seawater immersion.

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Compare epoxy paint to Nu FORTE DX

Cutting view of after painting Nu FORTE DX