Attached Guidelines

<Measures after EPOMARINE AC (M), EPOMARINE AC (M) HS have been exposed to natural elements>If below measures are taken before applying each overcoat (including the same type of paint) after long exposure, overcoating can be done without interval restriction.

1) Removal of grease

Grease can be wiped off with Thinner no. 17 (thinner for epoxy)

2) Chalking and salt is removed with high pressure fresh water wash.

<Standard for high pressure fresh water wash>

Water pressure : 100 kg/cm2

Distance : 3?4m

Salt contents : Below 50 mg/m2

*Carry out surface preparation with magicron where the chalking is remarkable.

The standard exposure time for carrying out these measures is more than 1 month. However, adapt to the situation when dirt and chalking is remarkable due to weather conditions.