EPOMARINE AC(M) is a high build epoxy coating based on many years of experience of anti-corrosion technology. It can be applied on several areas of a vessel - hull, deck and superstructure - which makes the coating application process more efficient and user friendly. EPOMARINE AC(M) is tar-free and designed to meet current environmental considerations.
・Measures after EPOMARINE AC (M), EPOMARINE AC (M) HS have been exposed to natural elements


  • ・ High-build type 
  • ・ Multi-purpose (Hull, Superstructure, Deck etc.)
  • ・ Seawater resistance and long term
  • ・ anticorrosive
  • ・ Good anti-impact, anti-abration
  • ・ Non-tar eco-friendly paint
  • ・ Type approved
    PSPC-WBT(IMO Res. MSC 215(82)), PSPC-COT(IMO Res. MSC 288(87)){NK, ABS, LR},SOLAS(IMO FTP Part2/Part5(fire prevention, fireretardant))NK and JG and MED(BV)),FDA


Grey / Brown

Coating part